Do you really know the benefits of Yoga?


Did you know there are over 100 different forms of yoga? Mention yoga and most people imagine a group of people lying on the floor with leg behind their neck, chanting Ommmm! Perhaps it can be like that, but it's also much more. Yoga is a total mind-body exercise, stretching and strengthening, with relaxation and meditation. Yes, that's good for you, and complements other fitness activities.

The benefits of yoga may not be obvious when you are younger, fitter, healthier but just wait until you get to the 'my shoulder aches' age. It's hard on your body trying to get in shape when you're older, but if you've been doing yoga for 20 years wow! Nothing beats being able to squat flat footed or have super flexible stretches when others stopped exercising years ago. 

See if you can find some time for yoga, it's a balance, something you can do at home, without equipment, and you can do all your life. 

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